Note :- This plugin is not updated on site, This is upcoming update version plugin which is going to launch  soon.

This plugin is developed to display the list of author in your sidebar using the Widget are.The primary function I have focused is to display the list of author with their  image ( gavatar), names and the links  in your sidebar.

The plugin has the following feature which as follow :

  1. Display the List of author in tabular format. ( it means you can adjust the number of column according to the sidebar width).
  2. You can set the Gravatar image size according to your need.
  3. Limit the number of author’s.
  4. Hide any user if you don’t want to display.
  5. Upload the own image if the user has not set the gravatar image.
  6. Display the author profile in detail on singe article page.
  7. Display author linkedin, Facebook and Twitter account links.

The below image deprecating the setting and output.

Disadvantage of plugin:

If the author is not posted a single article then that author will not appear in the sidebar.

The sorting of author’s depend upon the number of post posted by the author’s.    We don’t have sorting facility in this plugin.


 Extra Functionality on single page.

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